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Rickey Levi Davis

A Father, A Son, and a Friend.

        April 20th,2000, started as a typical shift for the Center Point Fire District. Firefighters were checking out their apparatuses and doing daily tasks that kept the district running. One of the men getting ready to protect the Center Point Fire District citizens was Rickey Levi Davis. A 33-year-old Firefighter/ Paramedic with five years on the Job, Rickey placed his turnout gear on Engine 2 for the final time. At 4:31 pm, A tone dropped for a house fire in Engine 2's second in the territory. Rickey answered the call to protect life and property without hesitation. Rickey Levi Davis succumbed to injuries sustained on that fateful day. The devastation left in the lives of Rickey's family, friends, and colleagues would echo throughout their lives. Some lost a father, some lost a son, some lost a friend, and one lost a husband. Center Point lost a mentor, a colleague, a friend, and one of the finest Firefighters/Paramedics to ever cross our threshold. Rickey's legacy is so much more than April 20th, 2000. He had an infectious smile that could light up a room and a sense of humor that could bring fun to the most desperate situation.

Rickey Davis still impacts Center Point fire today. Every year, the department hosts a Rickey Davis Memorial Golf Tournament, which goes to local charities. He has a memorial dedicated to his service and sacrifice for the community he protected at Station 2. His name, forever etched, into the National Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Emmitsburg, MD, and the Alabama Fallen Firefighter Memorial at the Alabama Fire College. Rickey lives on not only through these memorials but through the lives, he has touched. Rickey Levi Davis will always be a part of the district.