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Life Safety Inspections

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International Code Council

Current Fire Code 2021

Fire Code of the Center Point Fire District 

(a) Except as provided below in subsection (b), the International Fire Code, 2021 edition (“IFC”), as published by the International Code Council (“ICC”), is hereby adopted as the Fire Code of the Center Point Fire District (“CPFD”) by reference as though copied herein. A copy of the IFC is on file in the CPFD Fire Marshal’s Office, and the same is available for purchase at the ICC offices currently located at 900 Montclair Road, Birmingham, Alabama. 

(b) The following additions, insertions, deletions, and modifications to the below-referenced sections of the IFC are adopted by CPFD: 

These regulations shall be known as the Fire Code of the Center Point Fire District, which hereinafter may be referenced in this Section as “this code.” 

Section 903.2.8. This section of the IFC is not adopted. 

Additional notes:  

Appendices B, C, D, E, and M also apply as adopted by the Alabama State Fire Marshal, Rule 482-2-101-.02. .

Life Safety Inspection

Life Safety Inspection

Scheduling an Inspection

Center Point Fire District schedules all inspections via email. To schedule an inspection, please use our online form.

Plan Review Submittals


Plan Review Submittals

For plan review submittals, please submit two (2) sets of hard copies to Center Point Fire District Business Office located at 2229 Center Point Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35215. The minimum size for submitted drawings are 24”x36” unless approved otherwise by the Fire Marshal. After review, one (1) of the sets can be picked up at the same address. Once plans have been approved by Center Point Fire District, one (1) electronic copy is required and can be sent to

Fire Protection Systems

System Inspections, Testing, Maintenance, and Reporting

All fire protection systems reports must be submitted electronically by licensed certified service contractors. Center Point Fire District requires contractors to register and submit all reports via our online third-party vendor at


Tier II Reporting

Please submit all Tier II reports electronically to E-Plan . For more information on hazardous materials reporting visit .