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The History of the Center Point Fire District


    1965- John Wallace was approached by a group of concerned citizens who recognized the need to improve fire protection for the fast-growing community.

    1966- John Wallace was appointed as The Fire Chief of the Center Point Volunteer Fire Department.

    · A 1946 American LaFrance Fire Engine was purchased.

    · Act 79 of the Alabama Legislature was passed, allowing for the establishment of Fire Districts in Jefferson County and collecting service charges.

    · Firefighters moved into station #1 at 2240 Center Point Parkway with an annual budget of $15,000.00 on October 1, 1966.

    · Chief John Wallace led volunteers’ door to door for soliciting donations for new equipment.

    · In five years, the Center Point Fire District was awarded an ISO Class 6 rating.

    1968- After a successful vote, the Center Point Volunteer department became the Center Point Fire District in early December.

    1969- Center Point Fire District went “Operational” on January 1st.

    1973- Station 2 opened at 5175 Pinson Valley Parkway on July the 3rd.

    1974- CPFD places the first fully-equipped Rescue Truck with paramedics in-service

    1976- Jefferson County Commission purchased a new Rescue Truck for the Center Point Fire District.

    1979- Station 3 opened in the Pawnee area on February the 10th.

    · Station 4 opened on December the 5th.

    1987- The Center Point Fire District was awarded an ISO Class 4 rating.

    1990- Chief John Wallace retired, and Chief Paul Hunnicutt was appointed as The Fire Chief.

    1995- Station 5 was opened at 5470 Chalkville Road in Grayson Valley on February the 11th.

    · The Center Point Fire District purchased (3) Advanced Life Support Units and began transporting and providing emergency medical services to patients, eliminating the need for a private ambulance service

    1998- Purchased (2) new custom Fire Engines.

    2001- Chief Paul Hunnicutt retired, and Deputy Chief Howard Summerford was appointed as Fire Chief.

    2003- Purchase was made of a fire safety trailer to be used for local events, school activities, and Fire Prevention Education.

    · Battalion Chief Bobby Vanhooser was appointed as the Fire/EMS Training Officer.

    2004- The Fire Administration Building opens at 2229 Center Point Parkway.

    · Station 1 moved across the street to 2233 Center Point Parkway on August the 30th and then dedicated in a ceremony on September the 11th.

    2006- Assistant Fire Chief Donnie West was officially appointed as the Fire Marshal for the Cities of Center Point, Clay, and Pinson.

    · The Fire District was awarded over 1 million dollars in federal grants.

    · A 100-foot ladder truck was purchased and added to the fleet.

    · An employee fitness center was opened in the Administration building.

    2008- Station 5 was replaced with a new structure and bay on October the 9th.

    2011- Chief Howard Summerford retired, and Deputy Chief Donnie West was appointed as Fire Chief

    2016- The Center Point Fire District was awarded an ISO Class 1 rating.

    2018- Fire Chief Donnie West retires, and Battalion Chief Gene Coleman was appointed the 5th Fire Chief of the Center Point Fire District.

    · Land was purchased in Pawnee for a future Station 3.

    · Land was attained from the City of Pinson for a future Training facility in Pinson.

    2020- Center Point Fire District runs a record 10,076 calls for the year.