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William "wes" Ward

Chief of EMS

   Wes Ward started at Center Point Fire District in 2015 as the Director of Emergency Medical Services after retiring from Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service as a Captain. Chief Ward believes that EMS is the cornerstone of providing excellent service to our citizens. Chief Ward has advanced how the Center Point Fire District delivers emergency medicine to our district in a short time. Center Point Fire District is at the forefront of breakthrough para-medicine that has already drastically improved the outcomes and care of our citizens. Chief Ward has always believed that knowledge is the key to understanding. He shows his belief through example by constantly striving to better his level of education. Already possessing a Bachelor of Science in Public Service Administration from Athens State University and a Masters in Public Administration from Troy University, he is progressing through the Troy University Global Leadership Ph.D. program. Chief Ward's first passion is teaching EMS to the people who will be providing life-saving care to patients in the field. Whether teaching future paramedics at Jefferson State Community college or current paramedics as the Director of the Alabama EMS Challenge, Chief Ward believes that greatness lies in education, training, and practice.