December 2008    The Center Point Fire District/Fire Prevention Bureau is offering Free Smoke Alarms to the residents of our fire district. We proudly stand by our Mission Statement and are dedicated to providing the best professional level of fire protection, emergency medical services and public safety education to the citizens of the Center Point Fire District by preventing and minimizing the loss of life and property.


The most important thing to know is Smoke Alarms Save Lives and they should be in every home. This is why we would like to offer our residents the appropriate amount of smoke alarms, at no charge, to be installed so that you may increase the chance of safely escaping your home in the event of a fire. By taking advantage of this program not only are you protecting the people in your community, but you are also helping to decrease injuries and fatalities due to fire related incidents.


The type of detectors we are offering are First Alert Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm combination with a voice alarm which gives an audible warning of danger and the alarms location. Included with each detector will be mounting brackets, user manual and 2 AA batteries. We would also like to take a few extra steps and actually install these detectors for the residents in our community at No Charge and help educate them on some basic fire safety tips. This is just our way of saying thank you for making our district and community safer.

Again, please note that this is a Free Program to the residents within our fire district. If you live outside the coverage of our district please contact your local fire department. Please come by the Business Office or any Center Point Fire District station to fill out an application or you can fill out the form online here . After the application has been received you will be contacted with a date and time to have your alarm installed by our trained personnel.