Center Point Fire District (CPFD) debuted its Paramedic Bike Team (PBT) at an Erwin High School parade which honored the state championship-winning girl’s basketball team.   

The PBT will be used for special events in the fire district such as large gatherings, parades, festivals, etc.  

CPFD received a community service grant to purchase two specially-equipped mountain bicycles with defibrillators, oxygen, and other critical life-saving equipment.  The bikes have emergency lighting and sirens. 

During an emergency, a few minutes could mean the difference between life and death. If streets are blocked with obstacles or crowds, fire responders cannot reach the patient quickly.  The golf carts used in the past were useful, but difficult to maneuver. The PBT can maneuver easily to reduce response times by as much as 5 minutes.

CPFD medics George Duncan and Gus Murphree started the PBT a few years ago, using their personal bikes and equipment. Because the concept worked so well, the fire district pursued a grant to make the Paramedic Bike Team an official part of the organization.     

The team can treat trauma and medical emergencies such as falls, cuts, broken bones, heart attacks, respiratory emergencies, allergic reactions, heat disorders and other medical problems.   

During the parade today, one of the band members had a medical problem that required the attention of the bike team.  It was their first official call.  

Dusty Underwood

Battalion Chief of EMS/Training