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 During the week of Febr uary 15th a new training device was on hand at Center Point Fire. The device known as the Burn Trailer, is a fire simulator. The trailer is the size of a commercial 18 wheeler but the similarities stop there. Inside are several propane burners, movable walls, and stairs to a second level. The training vehicle allows firefighters to train in a realistic but safe environment. The systems on board are computer controlled, there are thermocouples around the room and emergency stops near each door. All training is conducted with certified instructors inside. At any time if there is a problem the safety systems on board as well as the instructors can shut the burners off and rapidly cool the interior making it realistic but safe.   


All of our firefighters went through the training which focused on rescue, self-rescue, and fire behavior. They were also exposed to different types of hose streams. The training allowed our people to better learn search techniques while focusing on the search crews integrity and safety.

The Burn Trailer is the property of the Alabama Fire College and is currently making rounds within the state to different fire departments.