Fire Dues

Pursuant to Section 13 of Act No. 79 of the Special Session of the Legislature of Alabama 1966, as amended, service charges for the Center Point Fire District shall be as hereinafter described:


   The service charge for single residential property shall be based on the Current Market Value as determined by the Jefferson County Tax Assessor’s Office for       tax purposes and/or the Board of Equalization.  Service charge adjustments due to contested market values will only be processed if documentation of the           adjusted value is presented prior to September 1st of each year. The service charges shall be assessed as follows:

2021 Annual Dues

 Market Value                       Dues

 0-200,000                             $280.00

 200,001-300,000                  $325.00

 300,001-Up                          $375.00

     2021 Minimum Service Charge:

     The minimum service charge for each single residential property shall be $280.00 per year and a water supply fee with the following exception:

New construction or properties where no values are available shall be charged based on a reasonable estimate of Current Market Value from the following sources but not limited to a real estate document, certified appraisal, county permits, and or purchase price of property.