Two Types of Believers - False and True.
Matthew 7:21-23
The Bible tells us that there are two types of believers. Jesus didn't pull no punches here. He tells us here that you are either lost or saved. There is no in between. In this passage of scripture Jesus discusses the religious but lost individuals. Jesus is talking to individuals who are of accountability. One may act like a Christian, talk like a Christian, is morally clean, prays in church, takes up the offering, teaches in church, recites the creeds, never misses a Sunday, and yes even preaches in a church, but if the individual does not believe that Jesus is the God man, the savior of the world, who died for our sins is lost and on their way to the most horrible place imaginable called hell. Good people die and go to hell everyday. Remember the Bible gives us the exact size of Heaven, but Hell the Bible says gets bigger everyday. The question most often asked is does everyone who professes Christ is going to heaven? The Lord says no. There are some who profess in name only. As a minister/chaplain I hear people all the time when someone dies weather it is in a hospital, on a wreck, or some other type of tragedy, they will say that they are better off now. My question is this; are you sure about this? If they know Christ as their savior they are, but if they do not know then I wouldn't want to think about it. Let's look at God's Word and see what the Word of God has to say.
I. The requirements for entry - vs.21
A. An individual must profess Christ as savior and Lord. 
1. Its one thing to claim to be a Christian, it's another thing to live it.
2. James 2:18 tells us to show your faith by your works.
3. James 2:19 tells us that even Satan believes in God. 
4. James 2:20 tells us that faith without works is dead.
5. Jesus makes it very clear that not all who profess Him possess Him.
6. Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 13:5 to examine yourself weather you are of the faith or not.  
II.The cries out for entry - vs.22
A. The Bible says many will cry out unto the Lord that day about all the good works that they have done. Notice the three things they tell the Lord:
1. Have we not prophesied in your name?
a. Prophesied means to reveal by some divine inspiration, to preach, teach or declare.These individuals were sincere about what they were doing. They were so busy working for the Lord that they forgot to know Him personally.
2. Have we not cast out demons in your name?
a. Always remember just because a miracle is preformed does not necessary mean it is of God. Satan can perform miracles too. Don't ever forget that. Satan is the master of deception. The Bible says in the end times there will be many false prophets and many will be fooled by them. 
3. Have we not done many wonderful works in your name?
a. The problem here is that they were doing great and wonderful works for self gratification instead of glorifying God. Many people boast about what they have done and accomplished and never give God the glory.
Notice all these people were very religious but lost. It is said that 75 percent of the United States population is Christian. If that was true why do people continue to do the things that they do that are not the teachings of Christ? If 75 percent of this nation was sold out to Christ this country wouldn't be in the shape it is in today. 
III.The Judgment - vs.23
A. Two of the most terrible statements an individual would ever hear:
1. Depart from me.
2. I never knew you.
a. Why would an individual be cast out? Why would the Lord say that He never knew them?
The Bible gives the reason in verse 23. They practice lawlessness. In other words if you are not a child of God; you have to be a child of Satan. You are either following the God of Heaven or the god of this world which is Satan until Christ comes back.
Bible verses to reference this is found in 2 Timothy 2:19, Rev. 20:11-15, Luke 16:13, Acts 13:10. 
Many people measure themselves by other individuals. The bottom line is we should measure ourselves by the teachings of the Word of God. It is one thing to be religious and know about Christ, but if we don't know Him personally every good thing we have done will be of no good (Rev. 20:12). Remember faith in Christ produces good works (James 2:17-18). 

Bro. Sam
Chaplain CPFD / NAMB
2 Corinthians 8:9